About the Dorm

Golden Panda Dormtel (GPD), is a 180-room dormitory that caters to both male and female residents. GPD is accessible to numerous schools, review centers, and other commercial establishments which houses approximately 730 dormers who are mostly students and reviewees with a mix of young urban professionals who wish to avail of stylish living conditions at affordable and reasonable rates. Located in the university and hospital belt of Quezon City, the building’s design is a testament to the facilities’ unique offerings and special features.

Golden Panda Dorm Life

At Golden Panda Dormtel, you get the kind of life that is all quality. Golden Panda gives you all the amenities you need to help you achieve a successful life. Apart from living amenities, GPD goes the extra mile. It eliminates all worries as everything you need for mind, body and soul are within reach. For the mind, you have access to the fastest internet broadband and wifi. Completing schoolwork no longer means long scary nights in internet cafes along dark dubious streets. For the body, a wellness program is available for the students – a fitness gym to revitalize the weary body caused by the stress of college life. And for the soul, GPD provides an aura of safety and security that will calm the soul and enable the student to be worry-free. At GPD, we give you much more than any dormitory can offer. We strongly believe that comfortable living plays a big role in the pursuit of one’s education and profession.


“I stayed here for 4 nights! The dorm was a little bit accessible & very near to the training center (FDM). It’s also near to Sto.Domingo and Fishermall (1-2 rides). The room was clean and the shower has hot and cold (which is very important to me. I also feel secured because there’s guard in the entrance and near the dorm.. I highly recommended this dormtel. Good Value for money!


“Accessible, cheap, clean.”



“An excellent place to stay if you like studying”